Stainless Steel Hospital Utensils and Medical Ware



MAGNATE is a manufacturer of premium grade stainless steel hospital utensils & medical equipment that meets the most exacting requirements of medical and healthcare professionals worldwide. We are ISO 9001 & ISO 13485 certified with CE mark registration.


Our quality-crafted products are made from genuine stainless steel 18-8 (304) with seamless construction that prevents bacteria growth and allows products to be cleaned with ease.


Range of our stainless steel hospital holloware includes bedpan, urinal, fracture bedpan, child bedpan, instrument tray, kidney tray, emesis basin, lotion bowl, wash basin, gallipot, dressing container, measuring cup, forcep jar, irrigator, vomit bowl, perforated tray, flat tray, etc.


Other than hospital holloware, we also supply catering equipment and kitchenware such as gastronorm container, serving tray, perforated container using in food processing industry, water pitcher, and etc.


Automotive LPG Container






Siam Intermagnate Co., Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturer of LPG container for automotive in Thailand with ISO 9001:2008 certified by SGS. Our automotive LPG container are manufactured in accordance with Thai industrial standard TIS 370-2552. We have variety types of LPG containers that meet all requirements including cylinder tank with manual OPD valve, with multivalve, with solenoid OPD valve, and Toroidal tank. They are available in various sizes to fit in most vehicles.


Magnate cylinders are made from high-strength and good-formability steel for gas cylinder (SG295) from reliable sources. Our quality control staff and engineers perform comprehensive tasks in every process from raw material inspections, in process quality controls, to the final inspections and testing of the finished product to ensure maximum safety for your vehicles.


 LPG tank & Refrigerant Cylinder  


Gasoline price has been increasing rapidly. LPG is a wise alternative fuel for most vehicles. It is becoming widely used around the world. We provide various sizes of automotive LPG containers that are manufactured in accordance with TIS 370-2552.


We also manufacture LPG containers or LPG tank in accordance with TIS 27-2543 and reusable refrigerant cylinders for 134a, R22, and R12 under brand “MAG REFRIG”





Other than our standard products, we shall be pleased to serve you with your own designed workpieces, stainless steel or other metal parts for any industries. Just give us your drawings or samples. We will make it exactly as you need with low tooling costs and flexible quantity.



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